Light (Radiant) sword for 5E D&D

A 10" to 12" cylinder (hilt) that when activated, projects a short beam of light that effortlessly cuts things. All damage done by the light sword does Radiant damage.
These artifacts are relics from antiquity. Light swords were once used by Atlantian knights, very few survived into the modern age.

Only 12 were known to survive the loss of the great city, but the exact number is more lore than history. The legend tells that 12 knights survived and made their way to the rest of the world.

Scattered to the winds these knights wondered the world fighting injustice and attracting followers. A few founded orders but none would bend a knee to any kingdom or warlord, often bringing them at odds with powerful nations.

The secrets of Atlantian magic and use of power sword combat was passed from Knight to apprentice for centuries. Rumor has it that one secret of Atlantian magic is the creation of light swords. As kaleb kess founder and leader of the order of the northern Rangers was said to have 3 apprentices who each wielded their own

light sword.
Light sword
Radiant damage.


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